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Paper cutting is introduced
    Paper-cut,Also called paper cutting,Is one of the han nationality of the oldest folk art in China。Paper-cutting is a kind of hollow out art,Its the person gives on the vision with the feeling of nearby and art enjoyment。The carrier can be a paper、Tinsel、Bark、The leaves of the tree、The cloth、The skin、The flake material such as leather 。Paper-cutting is in rural China has a long history、A form of folk art is very widespread。Paper-cut,Just as its name implies is to use scissors to cut paper into all kinds of patterns,Such as paper-cut、A proverb、A wall flower、Ceiling flowers、Snuff, etc。The making of the folk art has close relationship with Chinese rural festivals custom,Every year the holidays or wedding celebrations,People stick beautiful bright paper-cut on white paper or a bright window、On the wall、On the door、On the lantern,Festive atmosphere will be rendered very rich festival。
Paper-cut classification