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Aluminum alloy   Die steel   Special steel   Copper series   Stainless steel  
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       Dongguan prosperous shang industrial co., LTD. Is a collection of industrial copper、Stainless steel、Die steel、Special steel trade、Sheet metal distribution、Parts processing、Modern large-scale comprehensive enterprise。
Wenger is still the main industrial base metal material trade,Have stable cooperation relationship with several large manufacturers at home and abroad,Is Shanghai baosteel co., LTD., a designated product agent,Shougang、Maanshan iron and steel co、Wu…

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The main:Company is mainly engaged in non-ferrous metals(Aluminum plate、Aluminum rod、Aluminium tube、Aluminum coil、Brass、Red copper);Special steel(Domestic and imported steel、Plastic、Hot、Cold work die steel、Tool steels、Stainless steel, etc)Varieties complete specifications,Grade of diversification。All rights reserved:Dongguan prosperous shang industrial co., LTD 2013-2015 Technical support:The first octave network- Powered by D8DU

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