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Hon  Hangzhou hongxing into technology co., LTD. Is founded2002Years,Located in the scenery pleasant,Hangzhou linan mountain green water show,The transportation is convenient,Is a company specializing in the production of aluminum foil、Aluminium strip。
  Our company main products:Cable aluminum foil 、Aluminum foil duct 、Lu: su composite belt 、Polyester film、 Copper plastic composite belt、 Aluminium strip 、Cable shielding aluminum foil、 Aluminum foil、 Single sided aluminum foil、 Double-sided aluminum foil 、Since the aluminum foil 、PVC、PET 、VMPET 、Flame retardant aluminum foil、 Aluminum plating film 、Steel wire、 Duct ALU/PET 、ALU+PET BOPET、 Shaft with aluminum foil、 Signal cable aluminum foil, etc,The variety is complete。Company production equipment is complete,The craft is advanced,Detection means perfect,Good quality。    

      Our products are exported to the United States,Canada,Italy,Japan,South Korea and the Middle East and other countries, With reliable quality and excellent service has won the praise of customers!

 The company will continue to carry forward the innovation,Creation,The entrepreneurial spirit,Continually develop high quality product,Continuously improve enterprise core competitiveness,An unyielding,The pursuit of excellet,Entrepreneurship patriotism!      

Hangzhou hongxing into technology co., LTD
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